The Revolution of the Chelsea Boot

You’d think a style of shoes with the word ‘Chelsea’ in the title would be something you’d expect The Special One himself to be wearing while he paced the touchline of Stamford Bridge. But, you’d be wrong. Not to say he doesn’t, the man’s a law unto himself. However whilst Adidas won’t be launching a line of Chelsea boots any time soon, the boot’s origins can be traced back to East London in the 1950’s, and were the shoe of choice for young artistic types, as well as socialites – the ‘Chelsea Set’.


Made famous by The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, the Chelsea boot has more in common with the original gods of music than you’d think – they’re iconic, stylish, timeless, and refuse to go away. Plus, they’re equally as functional as they are stylish – you could easily picture Roman Abramovich stomping heads at The Bridge, then stepping on to his super yacht soon after.


Whilst they’ve been appropriated for different uses over time, for example as the boot of choice for tradies the world over, they’ve never lost their sartorial edge.


In that fine tradition, Aquila have released a range of Chelsea boots that can be paired perfectly with a beige or navy Portland Chino and Fisher Navy Check, or you can step it up a notch and rock a pair with a crisp Carson suit. And whilst wearing them won’t turn you in to John, George, Ringo, or Paul (lets face it, you’ll never be bigger than Jesus) that’s no reason why your wardrobe can’t be as timeless.

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