Riviera Revisited by Aquila

The French Riviera, home to the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, and during summer, it hosts the most enviable collection of super yachts in the world. It’s also bathed in sunshine for roughly 300 days of the year, which serves as the inspiration for its own iconic style.


Whilst there is the temptation to strip off layers during the warmer months, there may be times where a more formal approach is required. After all, you never saw the gents in Ocean’s Twelve walk around the Casino de Monte-Carlo in singlets and flip-flops. That doesn’t mean you have to swelter for the sake of sophistication. What separates Riviera fashion from the other seaside playgrounds, is its traditionally minimalistic, bold, and tailored approach, because in a town of beautiful people, and billionaires, it’s important to be noticed.

Art Basel, Billionaire.com, Andy Barnham

Inspired by tradition, Aquila have focused on print shirts, pop colouring, and tailored shorts in their latest offering. Pictured below, we see the Rake short, matched with the Cabot floral shirt and Jude blazer. The contrast between orange and navy, with the subtle floral accent, underlines traditional Riviera sophistication and boldness. Complete the outfit with the navy Uriah woven suede loafer. You may not own a super yacht, or drive a Formula One car, but when you’re this well dressed, you’ll be sure to turn a few heads.

Here’s how I styled my riviera inspired Aquila outfit:


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