SABA AW14 Collection

This season Saba draws its strength through restraint. Every facet of the collection is considered to give the Saba customer the best-edited range possible. Only the most modern interpretations of Saba’s famed ingredients remain – premium fabrications, superior fit, and local design and creativity to create the wardrobe that is effortless, clean and relevant.

The launch of Saba’s first half-canvas suit sees the adoption of classic techniques in the construction of pieces; three layers of bias-cut canvas are moulded together to create a streamlined, modern and high-quality finish.

Pinstripes continue to be a core trend, with the Collins suit enjoying a reincarnation in this classic pattern, as well as a check, which allows for the tailoring to be cleverly mismatched as part of Saba’s edgy new take on corporate dressing.

Saba’s technicians have developed a special wool-cotton blend for mid-gauge sweaters, creating a luxuriously soft feel, while the unique stitching allows for intricate patterns and textures.

Cottons and linens have also been combined to offer lightweight, yet warming pieces that are perfect for layering as the temperatures drop. Cotton is also blended with cashmere and silk to be worn alone, or layered for colder weather.

Accessories are characteristically refined and durable, with all footwear expertly handmade in Portugal in the finest leathers.













Founder of SMF, Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo.