London Calling – A Sacoor Brothers & SMF Collaboration

I recently spent some time in London attending the GQ British Designers Collective launch at Bicester Village, where I had a dinner planned with fellow bloggers from all corners of the globe. Being amongst so many well-known international men’s fashion influencers, I wanted to leave a lasting impression.

When I first arrived to Dubai in February, I spent quite some time searching through Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates for a solid menswear retailer. Finally, I came across Sacoor Brothers, and God was I grateful.

Sacoor Brothers is one of the most highly recognised retails here in Dubai, especially when it comes to men’s fashion. Their ability to make the perfect cut blazers, shirt, pant and suit, will put you out of your misery and save you days of jumping from store to store.

Being a huge fan of the brand and their most recent collection, I wasn’t going to wear anything but Sacoor Brothers at my dinner in London. I wanted to look good, and I knew they would deliver.

Shot by the very talented Adam Priscak throughout the streets of Kensington, London, here’s how I styled my Sacoor Brothers outfit. And let me tell you, it had everyone talking…for all the right reasons.


Navy being my favourite colour, I went with a perfect navy blazer, slim white shirt with a wide collar, navy chinos and a wide silk tie in baby blue. Not being the tallest man in the Middle East, I also had my navy chinos tailored and cuffed by their skilful in-house tailors, whom you can see live at work through a glass panel in store.

I went for a very wide cuff on the pants seeing as it is one of the raising trends in men’s fashion. With cuffed pants, tan tassel loafers are the only option you should consider to finalise an impeccable outfit.



Post-dinner, I removed my silk tie and went for more of a casual look with a screaming red pocket square, adding a little spice to the outfit.





As the sun sets over Kensington, I say good bye to another beautiful night in London.



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