Sailing Croatia

I had the amazing opportunity to sail the coast of Croatia last July with Busabout across eight different locations between Split and Dobrovnik. Croatia has to be one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to; from the coastline, to the food, to the people and lively culture. Each Busabout yacht had around 25-35 people with a pretty good guy to girl ratio (so don’t stress lads). Every night you dock at either an island or city and party with people from neighbouring yachts from tour companies such as Contiki, Topdeck and Fanatics. Here are some of the places you will see with Busabout:


Big Rock Private Beach

IMG_6655 copy

Makarska Beach

IMG_6595 copy

Some little Island

Now for The Yacht Week. I have seen some of the most radical photos from friends who did this two years in a row. So basically, this is how it works: You gather 8-12 friends, book your own yacht (sailor included) and join around 80-130 other yachts that follow one main crew boat. Every day and night all the yachts dock together, and this is where the madness begins. If you want to find out more about The Yacht Week click here. But for now, here are some photos:




Other tour companies that also sail Croatia are:

– Contiki is very similar to Busabout, in that, they take a very similar route. Find out more here

– Fanatics – Find out more here

– Topdeck – Find out more here



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