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Today, as in so many things, men’s shaving has been reduced to the lowest common denominator; however the astute Gentleman will recognise the necessity of the shaving brush and few will appreciate the indulgence of the Silver Tip Badger Hair that only Sam & Son deliver.

By using only the highest quality materials Sam & Son delivers an unparalleled shaving experience. If you are looking for the highest levels of luxury in your life then the Sam & Son Badger Hair Shaving Brush is for you.

The ultimate in Gentleman’s shaving brushes Sam & Son only use the highest quality Badger Hair in all of their brushes. Badger Hair is the hair of choice for shaving brushes because it holds moisture inside the brush allowing for superior lathering qualities, unlike many other hairs hence the phrase; water off a ducks back, where there are oils in the hair to repel water. It’s the addition of this moisture to the shaving soap that creates volumes of thick lather to allow the smoothest shave every time, created from the tips of your shaving brush.

Sam & Son 2-Band Badger Hair is preferred by many for the firm stems and soft tips (denoted by the dark stem and creamy white tips) that is characterised by 2-Band Badger Hair. Aptly suited to lathering from hard soap or luxurious shaving cream.

Sam & Son don’t just make the world most sought after shaving brushes, combining unparalleled performance and quality to last for years of pleasurable shaving, they do it with style.

Here is what I am currently using to get rid of the Arabian beard every couple of days and help keep me on track during the month of Movember:

IMG_2719 copy

IMG_2721 copy

Sam & Son 22mm 2-Band Badger Hair Shaving Brush ($130 $99 – click to buy)

IMG_2714 copy

Castle Forbes Shaving Cream ($30.95 – click to buy)

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