Santoni Men’s Collection AW 2015/16

En plein air. Unconventional elegance moving from mountain sceneries to concrete jungle, finally reaching the countryside.

Different styles combined in a research of the highest craftsmanship with a taste for unique detailing and contamination of styles. The Santoni Autumn/Winter 15/16 Collection describes an adventurous and proud man that never has to pretend. A contemporary observer.


Santoni FW15-16 men's Double buckle-1

Santoni FW15-16 men's Monk shoe-1

The iconic double buckle is applied to derby shoes as well as the composed yet transgressive boots and the dressy slip-ons, while metallic piping generate reflections on the fringes of the dandy brogue.

Santoni FW15-16 men's Blue Lace up-1

Elongated and sculpted in the new shapes, the lace-up shoes feature satin strings as hedonist accents; a recurrent detail found on the hand-painted hiking boots with velvet details conceived for a black-tie outfit.

Santoni FW15-16 men's ankle boot-1

Slippers and fur moon boots evoke snowy landscapes and cozy chalets, while sturdy boots and farmer boots, revised in their essential and composed proportions, recall the world of outdoors.

Santoni FW15-16 men's laptop bag-1 Santoni FW15-16 men's briefcase-1 Santoni FW15-16 men's backpack-1 Santoni FW15-16 men's underarm bag-1

Bags, backpacks and the classic briefcase are everything else this explorer needs.

The colour palette is organic and warm: shades of brown, hints of blue and touches of black. Hand laid patina bestow tactile quality on the colours. The materials are: brushed calfskin, moose, crocodile, fur.



Founder of SMF, Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo.