Sponsored Video: Opera, Sydney Style

Luciano Pavarotti. La Scala. Andrea Bocelli. Sydney Opera House.

You would rarely see the terms “Sydney Opera House” amongst such famous names. However, with the Sydney landmark storming through the art & culture industry with growing popularity, its name will soon be cemented amongst the names listed above.

Situated in the center of Sydney’s harbor, the spectacularly contemporary Sydney Opera House possesses breathtaking scenery of docked sailboats, an impeccable skyline and a multicultural crowd like no other. Inside, you will be amazed to know each room is paneled in different types of wood to enhance the venue’s acoustic qualities as well as offer pleasing aesthetics.

This video is not only captivating, but showcases the true adventurous and confident nature of Australians and their ability to match themselves up against the best. With world-renowned opera singers making the venture down under to perform every year, the Sydney Opera House is growing in popularity day by day and will soon become one of the leading opera theatres in the world.

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