Sponsored Video: Which Athlete of the Night Are You?

Maximus have put together a hilarious series of videos that basically mirror a gentleman’s social life. The videos cover everything from being the leader of a “pack”, to the priceless wingman on a crazy night out and even the reliable substitute.

The videos are clever in a way that we dudes can relate to them on a personal level. We’ve all had memorable nights out with the lads that end up with stories that last a lifetime. However, Maximus asks you hear to take the initiative and to ask yourself, “ Which athlete of the night are you?”

What the video also achieved in my opinion was their ability to portray all the different types of Australian blokes. From typical tradies in uniform to CBD businessmen, Maximus covered the standard Australian stereotypes that we can associate ourselves with.

So finally, if you’re not a Captain, Benchwarmer, Wingman, Substitute or Striker, you’ll need to pull up your socks and have a Maximus beverage. Then, and then only, will you be able to answer yourself about which athlete of the night are you.

This post has been sponsored by Frucor Maximus, but all of the thought is my own.

Maximus’ YouTube channel HERE!



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