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What exactly is a life well travelled?

If you’ve been following SMF for quite some time now, you’ll know that I always tend to put together useful travel articles based on my experiences around the world.

Personally, I believe every single person should world towards travelling all over the world to different countries. You’re confronted with different cultures, people, cuisines, laws, religions and different ways of living that you would’ve never experienced in your home country. It is these experiences that allow your mind to grow, to learn and understand how people function and live halfway across the globe. You’re opened up to a world of different possibilities and opportunities.

When it comes to traveling with friends or family, you’re brought to the realization of who you can and cannot travel or live with. You know what they say, right? Different sides of people come out when you travel with them. These personality sides will either push you away from on another, or bring you closer than ever.

Cathay Pacific believe that when you travel well, you come closer together. This is something that I also believe. You will be able to create memories that will last you and your friends/family a lifetime. Memories that you will make you laugh, cry and attempt to relive. It is these memories that fuel your passion to travel more and more.


So, get together with the boys or your family and begin putting together your bucket list of countries, world festivals, tours and adventures you would like to accomplish before you’re thirty.


Cathay Pacific, life well travelled.

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