Suited for Sartorialism

Those familiar with Billy Walsh from Entourage are well aware of his feelings for suits – both the ideology, and the people who embody them. However, a suit is not necessarily a suit in the strictest sense of the word. Is this sounding far too ambiguous?

Allow me to clarify. The corporate gent’s idea of a suit is that of the traditional wardrobe staple you wear to the office. However, the corporate look can come across as uptight, rigid, and too cautious outside of the workplace.


Fear not, there is a fashion forward alternative that still encapsulates the spirit of the suit, for occasions when you prefer not to look overly corporate. Enter the fashion suit. Now what sets the fashion suit apart from its tailored counterpart, is what’s underneath – think knitwear or an open neck shirt, instead of a tie and cufflinks. Like the Campbell Navy Suit, it’s the casual Friday option for the modern gentleman, setting you apart from the sea of worn jeans, trainers, and graphic tees you generally see around the office. Outside the corporate scene, it’s a look that’s equally at home at cocktail hour.

Here’s a little inspiration for you gents:

Suited-For-Sartorialism-SMF-Aquila-1 Suited-For-Sartorialism-SMF-Aquila-4 Suited-For-Sartorialism-SMF-Aquila-5 Suited-For-Sartorialism-SMF-Aquila-6 Suited-For-Sartorialism-SMF-Aquila-10 Suited-For-Sartorialism-SMF-Aquila-13

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