Sponsored Video: PS4 – Don’t Mess Up Christmas

It’s the season of gathering, giving and most importantly gifting. Let’s face it; we all look forward to the Christmas season for one reason and one reason only. Presents!

I will never forget the anxiety attacked I encountered leading up to Christmas day as a kid. The thousands of questions you asked your parents hoping they’d provide you with the slightest of insights to what they were going to gift you.

When I received my first PlayStation One many years ago, I don’t think I slept for an entire month. I had finished Crash Bandicoot four times, mastered FIFA 99 and clocked every Spyro map. Yes, I was addicted. But what else was there to do back then?

With the younger generation especially young teenagers become more and more tech savvy by the day, buying remote control cars or helicopters, Lego sets or even books isn’t going to welcomed very enthusiastically by your kid. In come the new PS4.

Let’s not play dumb here. Purchasing a PS4 will not only make your kid overly excited, it will most likely provide you with the chance to get away from the misses for a couple of hours. Nothing can compare to a solid Call of Duty or FIFA session. It’s a win/win situation, right?

This post has been sponsored by Sony PlayStation, by all thoughts are my own.



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