Sponsored Video: Wish You’d Bought the Better PC?

When it comes to buying a PC, you really need to know what it actually is you’re buying. Yes a salesman can help you out with all the basic things you need to know, but then again, it’s his job to sell you the PC.

So to make your life and decision process a million times easier, Intel Australia have put together a handy guide on what you need to know before you buy a PC. The guide covers topics such as why Intel processors are better than others and what you should really pay attention to when buying a PC.

With our current generation becoming more and more tech-savvy by the minute, it’s evident that we spend more time sourcing through different electronic devices than we do with branded grocery products. So wouldn’t you rather be walking into your local electronic store actually knowing everything you need to know about the PC you’re just about to buy?

With Intel actually being short for intelligence, it’s a no brainer that these guys know what they’re talking about. So before you have your ear chewed off by a salesman striving to achieve his monthly target, have a quick read through Intel’s guide on what you need to know before you buy HERE!

Still not convinced? Well did you know that you could do your favourite things up to 22x faster than a three-year old system with Intel inside? It’s all thanks to Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Hyper-Threading Technology.

4th Gen Intel processors all come with built-in security features like anti-theft and anti-malware to help keep your data safer. This means worrying less about your personal data and doing more of your favourite things online.

So again, find out what you need to know before you buy a PC here!

This post has been sponsored by Intel, but all thoughts are our own.



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