Swiss Watch Services by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

The importance of servicing your timepiece is a topic many know little about. Questions like “how often do I have to service my timepiece?” or “why should I even service my timepiece?” arise on a daily basis amongst amateurs and even watch lovers. It would be a shame if something happened to your beloved timepiece due to your laziness, no?

So, to give you all an educational background to the world of watch servicing, I teamed up with the Swiss Watch Service, the Middle East’s largest and most comprehensive customer care center for timepieces, with the help of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

I recently interviewed Laith Ali Kadhum from Swiss Watch Services by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, to understand more about the importance of servicing your timepiece.

Swiss Watch Services

With expertise in servicing over 60 watch brands and 200,000 spare parts in stock, the Swiss Watch Services’ staff of 59 professionals, are trained at the highest level of horology care and complications, reducing the need for collectors to send their prized timepieces abroad for service.



Recognized as an official Rolex service center, Swiss Watch Services today services some of the industry’s most unique timepieces, including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot and Chopard to name a few. The facility provides after-sales service to all of the brand partners for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, as well as a further range of fashion and luxury timepieces.



Swiss Watch Services, under the guidance of Rolex, is the only facility of its kind in the wider Middle East, with technicians trained in Switzerland, with the most skilled professionals handling highly advanced, mechanical timepieces, including those with perpetual calendars.



Services range from a complete refurbishment, including dismantling, cleaning, parts replacement, waterproofing and reassembly to manufacturers’ standards. Health and safety is a key priority, with the highly secure facility boasting the latest technology in air purification for a sterile working environment.

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