Testimonials - SMF


Antionette Marie / Sydney Fashion Blogger

“I love following the Sydney Men’s Fashion page. It showcases the latest trends for men’s style around the world had has great attention to detail” – Sydney Fashion Blogger


Lee Oliveira / Director at Lee Oliveira Media Group

“Sydney Men’s Fashion blog is an expression of individualism images mixed with charisma. Is a wealth of advice on what it takes to be a modern gentleman” – Lee Oliveira


Didier Cohen / Australian Media Personality, Actor & Model

“I have to say I really enjoy the Sydney Men’s Fashion blog. He always has on point references and images that I use on my mood boards for my collection” – Didier Cohen


Fabio Attanasio / The Bespoke Dudes

 “A fresh, charming and passionate take on the menswear industry from a young and talented gentleman. A must-read” – Fabio Attanasio