The Gentlemen’s Supply Co.


Does going to different clothing stores annoy you? Or has seeing the same matrix of online shopping carts become mundane and confusing?

Ever heard of curated shopping? Well you’re about to hear a whole lot about it! Two young entrepreneurs have combined their respective talents to bring this better way to shop to Australia. As the first mover in the curated shopping market – Jerome (co-founder and CEO of The Gentlemen’s Supply Co) is not expecting you to set their website as your browser’s homepage; but he is telling you that you can dress a whole lot better with a lot less effort!


The process works like this; you head to The Gentlemen’s Supply Co. and sign up. Answer a few style and sizing questions, at which point you are then matched with the most appropriate stylist. This will now be your one point of contact (unless you would like to change of course!), contact via any medium like telephone, Skype, Facebook, email, or even face to face. Have as much involvement in the styling process as you like.


Your personal stylist will then curate a supply crate for you, and send it to your doorstep (shipping is free both ways). Take note, that even once receiving your crate, you have still not paid for anything – remember – commitment free!


Try everything on at your own pace, at home, with your most trusted opinions. Whatever you don’t like, simply put back in the box, put the pre-paid postage sticker on, and send it back to the chaps at The Gentlemen’s Supply Co. And – you only pay for what you keep!

Check these guys out here, you won’t be disappointed!



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