The LG V10

With enhanced videography and editing features, superior audio functionality and seamless social sharing, the LG V10 gives you more ways than ever to capture and share the world around you.

I had the privilege of being one of very few people to get their hands on the LG V10 before it became available nation wide within the UAE thanks to the team at LG.

Before I get into the depths of things, I wanted to share a cool project that LG brought to life when it partnered with actor, writer and director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt…who also happens to be one stylish gentleman. Bringing on board his very own production company, HITRECORD, Levitt created a series of videos focusing on the “In-Between Moments,” using video and audio recorded on the LG V10. Here’s how they unfolded:

Now, since you’ve seen what Joseph Gordon-Levitt did with the new LG V10, here’s a little review detailing exactly what caught my attention.


Video recording and editing has been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of the LG V10. Quick Video Editor lets you adjust playback speed, add filters, choose background music and add titles to video clips. 15 Sec. Auto Edit cuts down videos you record to shorter, smaller files for easier sharing. You finally don’t have to wait hour for your videos to load anymore!

Make a series of short video clips to remember the best moments from your day. Snap Video combines three-second clips into one fun video that’s worth sharing. This is a feature that I will definitely see myself using while traveling, at events or behind the scenes.

Don’t have a tripod? That’s ok! With its innovative Steady Record video stabilization technology, the LG V10 reduces the effects of a shaky hand to give you clearer, more usable footage than ever before – even when you’re on the go.


Something that I will touch base on later on in this article is the manual mode of the camera when either taking a video or photo. Manual video controls let you change settings like ISO, white balance, focus, frame rate and audio – even while you’re recording.

Before I move on to the design of the smartphone, I wanted to also made a strong point on the enhanced audio recording feature. With 3-Mic Audio Recording, the LG V10 helps you capture multidirectional audio and adjust settings in real time. Focus audio on your subject using Audio Zoom 2.0, reduce wind noise or capture audio wirelessly with Bluetooth® mic recording.


Something that really caught my attention about the new LG V10 was it’s incredible storage capabilities. Other than the standard internal storage of the smartphone, you can boost your memory up to 2 terabytes of storage by inserting a microSD card.

Something that really troubles me with smartphones is how quick the battery runs dead. By admitting the fact that I live on my phone, I need a smartphone that can actually get me through the day. The LG V10’s removable battery allows you to stock up on backups, something ideal for when you are traveling!

Another super cool feature to the smartphone is the second screen that runs across the top of the phone. This screen allows you to keep your favourite apps, functions and notifications at your fingertips. Even when the main display is off, Second Screen keeps you informed with the time, date and notification status.


Now that we’re done speaking about the Second Screen, let’s go through the 5.7 inch man screen. A little bigger than your usual smartphone, this screen is actually practical and can work to your advantage. You can view photos and videos more comfortably, as well as when it comes to editing them.


Scared about dropping your phone? Well you should be, but not all the time with the LG V10, a Shock Resistant certified device. Two layers of glass help protect against damage from direct impact. The device also has a stainless steel frame component and silicone bumpers to lessen the chance of cracks.


Reliving your favourite memories is made super easy by the new LG V10. The smartphone does not have one or two cameras, it has three! Introducing the first ever dual front-facing cameras. Here, you can bid farewell to those hideous selfie sticks…finally. The LG V10’s two front-facing cameras let you choose between a standard or wide-angle photo or video, so you’ll capture the action up close and behind you.


Moving on to the main back camera, you can capture breathtaking shots with high resolution using the 16 megapixel camera. Along with your selfie stick, you can say good bye to your huge DSLR cameras with the LG V10’s manual camera mode, where you are able to change everything from the shutter speed to the aperture.

All in all, this phone is a keeper. Like I previously mentioned, so perfect for travel and capturing and revisiting life changing memories.



Founder of SMF, Elias spends most of his time travelling the world, attempting to become the first Lebanese surfer and rocking the white pant + double breasted blazer combo.