The Must-Try List of Vienna


When it comes to travelling, I am most interested in cities that don’t have to be overly publicized but are made known globally for their histories and legacies. Vienna, Austria is just one of them and I can say that a visit in Vienna goes beyond your expectations.

Wien Tourismus, Fiaker, Wien, 2015, copyright

Wien Tourismus, Fiaker, Wien, 2015, copyright

A former officemate of mine who is working in a travel magazine and has a huge inclination of wanderlust in Europe is my biggest influence why I want to fly out to Vienna as soon as she finished sharing with me her adventure. According to her, it was more than a dreamy experience and her excitement is an understatement of the world itself.

Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, copyright

Wien, Schönbrunn, 2014, copyright

Having read countless of reviews, magazine features, blog posts, and trip guides to Vienna, along with my former officemate’s recommendations, I’ve listed down the must-try, must-eat, and must-see in Vienna.

  1. First thing, have breakfast at Cafe Central. There are just a lot of restaurants to choose from and this one in particular is best recommended not only because of the historic ambiance but the food is spectacularly delicious and the service is on point. Must try: apple strudel.
  1. Visit the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. One of the city icons which would serve well to tourists like me as a practicing Catholic. Consecrated in 12th century, Stephen’s Cathedral is one the last standing gothic cathedrals in Austria.
  1. Watch an opera at the Vienna State Opera. Considered as one of the most important opera houses in the world, I’d make sure to watch Romeo and Juliet here, a must-see!
  1. Take a tour inside Mozart’s house. I would most definitely pay his Viennese residence a good visit and see first-hand his life as a composer and a great spectator of life. The must see: original sheets of his music, letters, and musical instruments.
  1. Spend a day in Hofburg Imperial Palace. The palace is home of the Austrian President and had been the seat of the Habsburg empire until the World War I. It has three museums that best portray the traditions and daily life at the court.
  1. Fall in-love at Schönbrunn Palace. The palace that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site is one that I shouldn’t miss. For one, the baroque style architecture made it the most magnificent sight out of all palaces.
  1. Take a good walk around the Ring Road. I absolutely love walking and this one would be a breeze while also being treated with good number of architectural sights of the old centuries. Certainly one of my must-dos!
  1. Bargain at a flea market. I love shopping but I love thrift markets more! I can’t leave Vienna without going to their famous flea markets. After all, it’s where I can find cheap, vintage Austrian memorabilia. Another must-do for me.
Cafe Demel, Wien, 2009, Copyright

Cafe Demel, Wien, 2009, Copyright

  1. Spend a good afternoon coffee break at Cafe Landtmann. Established in the 18th century, Cafe Landtmann is said to be the meeting place in the Ring Road back in the day. It serves one of the best Viennese coffees and I’d make sure to spend my afternoon here after an enjoyable walk at the Ringstrasse.

I definitely can’t wait to marvel this dream city! Learn more about sweet Vienna.



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