The New Audi TT Powered by Design & Technology

Taut and muscular, athletic and poised to pounce. With the new TT and the new TTS, the Audi designers have delivered a modern interpretation of the unmistakable lines of the original TT from 1998 enriched with numerous dynamic facets. The Coupé is 4.18 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.51 meters and correspondingly short overhangs.

The front is dominated by horizontal lines. The Single frame grille is broad and flat; struts structure the interconnected air intakes. The optional full LED headlights are also structured with dividing struts, which constitute the LED daytime running lights. Audi also offers the headlights with the innovative Matrix LED technology. It uses small, switchable, individual light-emitting diodes to produce the high beam. The dynamic turn signals run in the direction the driver intends to turn, providing additional information for other road users.




When viewed in profile, many details of the TT and TTS are intentionally evocative of the first-generation design classic. The sill contour forms a powerful light edge and the wide wheel arches constitute distinct geometrical entities. At the front, the wheel arch intersects the hood join, which continues over the door as the tornado line and extends all the way to the rear. The flat greenhouse gives the impression of being an independent unit, and the subtle kink in the rear side window emphasizes the C pillar. The fuel flap in the classic round TT design is press-to-open. There is no longer a cap beneath it – the driver inserts the nozzle directly into fuel tank neck.




In back, horizontal lines again underscore the sporty width of the new TT and the TTS. The struts in the standard LED tail lights, which take up the motif of the LED headlights and also light up together with the LED daytime running lights, are another Audi innovation. The third brake light – a flat strip on the edge of the luggage compartment cover – ties together the light silhouette at the rear.





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