The New Dimensional LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ Washing Machine

The LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ washing machine is part of the LG SIGNATURE brand which is LG Electronics’ most premium line of home appliances and home entertainment products. The brand combines the best of LG’s cutting-edge technology and world-class design with exquisite attention to detail for today’s most discerning consumers.

Offering innovative and premium washing solutions, the latest ultra-premium washing machine is all about efficiency, helping you get more clothes cleaner in less time by washing two separate loads simultaneously. This premium 24-inch front load washing machine is more durable, more convenient and more sophisticated than ever and features the unique pedestal TWINWash™ Mini under the main unit. TWINWash™Mini washer helps you to give special care for special loads of laundry.

The TWINWash™ Mini and front-load washer can operate simultaneously or independently, so the user can wash one load in hot and one load in cold water at the same time. Users can also start or stop a cycle or open the door on either washer without interrupting the other. While the front load washer and dryer is equipped with a 12 kg washing capacity and a 7 kg drying capacity, the bottom pedestal-washer features a 2 kg washing capacity enabling home makers to speed up their laundry sessions.

Featuring LG’s TurboWash® technology helping users save up to 30 minutes per cycle, even on larger loads, without sacrificing cleaning performance, this unique technology is different from conventional speed spin cycles, which are only intended for small, lightly soiled loads.

The minimalistic design of the LG SIGNATURE washing machine is highlighted by the beautiful touch-enabled Quick Circle™ User Interface which is embedded on the glass door. Positioned at a 17 degree angle, the panel is easy to see when standing. The Push Open washing machine door can be opened with a slight push, even when the user’s hands are full. Meanwhile, the washer’s enamel coating not only gives it a sleek, sophisticated look, but also repels fingerprints and corrosion.

Last but not the least, the machine is loaded with all of the smart connectivity features that come with being a part of the SmartThinQ™ series, meaning consumers can receive smartphone notifications when the detergent tank is empty, download the specialized wash cycles, save frequently used wash cycles and track the amount of water and electricity used.

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