The Royal College of Art’s Secret Exhibition During Art Week Dubai

London’s famous secret exhibition comes to Dubai for the first time.

To introduce the Royal College of Art‘s secret exhibition during Art Week Dubai, I was asked my Paul Smith to represent the brand during an in-store activation as Mr. Smith.

Artworks in the form of postcards by legendary, emerging and even local artists, are on sale for only AED 500 each at Art Week Dubai. The catch? The identity of the artists remains a secret until after the cards are purchased and the signature on the back is revealed.

Wearing a beautiful Paul Smith Double-Breasted blazer, I greeted guests as they arrived and gave them a quick run down on the secret exhibition and the exciting concept behind the postcards.

Paul Smith-0008

Paul Smith-9959

Paul Smith-0048

Paul Smith-9972

Paul Smith-0023

Paul Smith-9945

Paul Smith-9989

Paul Smith-0110 copy

As part of my collaboration with Paul Smith, I am happy to offer Art Dubai passes (March 19th-21st). Passes are available at Paul Smith shops in Dubai. Find your nearest shop HERE!

Paul Smith-9939



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