TOM FORD Private Blend Oud Wood Fragrance

After stepping back for a few years from oud, Tom Ford finally chose to revisit the distinctive scent with the latest Oud Wood Collection. Intertwining precious ingredients from rich and storied cultures, as well as artisanal traditions of the Middle East, the collection took off in incredible fashion.

Rare. Exotic. Distinctive. One of my all time favourite fragrances, the Oud Wood scent from the brand’s Private Blend range is simply incredible to say the least.


It captures the most sophisticated, precious and highly regarded materials in the Middle East. Rich, elegant oud is paired with smoky birch tar and cistus heart, which impart a sultry, smoky effect reminiscent of burnt incense lingering in the air, further enhancing the fragrance’s depth and sensuality. Adding a perception of warmth and intrigue, notes of patchouli absolute are used as cedarwood Atlas creates a sense of animalic depth, leaving an intoxicating trail.

Personally, I have chose to wear this fragrance on big occasions, black tie occasions. It speaks pure elegance as mentioned earlier, so you will not only look the part, but also spell the part.



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