Top 10: Best Dressed FIFA World Cup Footballers

When the World Cup pops by every four years, 32 nations go head to head and compete against one another to be crowned the world champions. Off the pitch however, the World Cup brings to the table impeccably dressed men who not only know how to put the ball in the back of the net, but also acknowledge, understand and live the term style.

In no particular order, we will be going through the best dressed footballers who are competing in this year’s FIFA World Cup.

1. Andrea Pirlo – Italy


Yes, we’ll start our list off with an Italian. Who else dresses better than the Italians though? Pirlo is not only the heart and soul of the Italian football team, but one of the best dressed footballers around. Being of Italian background, Pirlo sure knows how to rock a pair of killer white pants.

2. Raul Meireles – Portugal

Meireles minus the beard does look a little different, we know. The Portuguese midfielder sets of the perfect Tom Ford vibe with this confident surge through paparazzi wearing a slim navy suit paired nicely with a pair of tan brogues.

3. Didier Drogba – Ivory Coast/Côte d’Ivoire


The Côte d’Ivoire forward is well-know for his outstanding black tuxedos.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal


From the perfect girlfriend, football career, lifestyle and image amongst supporters, it’s almost mandatory seeing Ronaldo in a killer designer suit just to top it all off.

5. Tim Cahill – Australia


Appearing in Shoreditch London Menswear’s latest collection, the kangaroo boxing Tim Cahill is one of Australia’s most stylish athletes. His renowned seriousness automatically gives him the classy look when rocking a tweed suit.

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6. Samuel Eto’o – Cameroon


Pharrell Williams, is that you? Seems like the Lucky singer even has international footballers pulling off his large hat trend. Cameroon’s idolising forward Samuel Eto’o juggles colours more than soccer balls when it comes to fashion. He definitely isn’t hesitant to rock a pair of bright red chinos, or in this instance, a screaming yellow sweater.

7. Iker Casillas – Spain


The poor fella had a streak of misfortune at this year’s FIFA World Cup with devastating miss-saves, however he sure knows how to pull off a clean cut navy suit. The Spanish keeper has also featured on the cover of GQ magazines in the past.

8. Danny Welbeck – England


The English forward is by far the trendiest player in the current World Cup squad. If Beckham was playing though, we all know he’d take the crown for Mr. fashionista in a heart beat.

9. David Luiz


With so much pressure on the World Cup host nation to deliver the goods this year, the job will be a little easier when you have cool, calm and collected gentleman like David Luiz in your side. Let’s hope this cravat loving athlete can live up to expectations and make his country proud.

10. Xabi Alonso – Spain


Xavi Alonso, Span’s well respected midfielder effortlessly nails the smart-casual look all the time.

There you have it. Our top 10 best dressed FIFA World Cup footballers.



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