Top 5: Greek Island Sunsets

When travelling across Europe last year I witnessed some of the most gorgeous sunsets the world can offer. However, none came close to Greek Island sunsets. Here are my top 5 as I travelled with Contiki hopping from one island to the other across the space of two amazing weeks:


Sunset over Mykonos town. It’s pretty clear how much I heart this place!


Kicking it back appreciating the beauty of Mykonos. Can you get a more perfect view?


The Church of Panagia Paraportiani is situated in the neighbourhood of Kastro, in the town of Chora, on the Greek island of Mykonos. Its name literally means “Our Lady of the Side Gate” in Greek, as its entrance was found in the side gate of the entrance to the Kastro area. Its architectural quirkiness and deep history has made it one of the most photographed churches in Mykonos.


Greek flag waving the beautiful sunset goodnight over the City of Santorini.


Waiting for the sun to go off duty in Santorini with the surroundings of Mountain back drops and Greek Architecture alongside other travellers.



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