Top 4: Stores For the Man About Town

It’s a common complaint that men’s fashion in Australia, particularly Sydney, is poorly catered for and high-street stores have not yet adopted the success of their European counterparts for being reasonably priced and with an abundance of choice. Surf-style shops are of course hugely popular and there are few independent boutiques selling rare items. However there are some men’s stores that might not be as edgy but cater well in their sector for the man about town. Below are four stores that although not spectacular, are a good starting point.

1. Witchery


Owned by their former rival Country Road, in my opinion, Witchery offers more conservative and business like collections but is known more for women’s clothing. The fit and shape of their shirts is more forgiving than its competitors but it has been argued they are overpriced. They do not have a great reputation for their online service so head in store instead.



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