Top 5: Burger Joints in Dubai

Burgers, burgers and more burgers. If you look forward to that 15 minute salivation period you endure right before your mammoth of a burger is served to you, then you’ll absolutely love these five burger joints I’ve come across in Dubai.

So, enough beating around the bush, here are my personal top 5 burger joint in Dubai, in no order (they’re all just so bloody good!):

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Popular throughout the United States, Shake Shack has stamped itself in the UAE as one of the most favourited burger joints with its simplified, yet delicious, burger. Who can say no when the burger is paired with an amazing chocolate milkshake, can you?

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Hardee’s has more of a fast-food vibe with its in and out mechanic. Not my favourite burger place in Dubai, but definitely worth the try to use as a comparison against the big dogs.

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Sheikh and Shake

Sheikh & Shake

Firstly, I salute these guys for gaining approval on such a name. Its like playing with the devil when mentioning a hierarchy’s name here in Dubai, but what of it, its a radical name. Possibly one of my favourite places in Dubai, their burgers are not only affordable, but much bigger than your average Big Mac. They follow the “more for less” motto, which has dozens flocking in like sea gulls at 1pm during the week ready to devour a delicious burger.

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Back in ’95 at the bottom of the world on a crazy tough little island, formally know as New Zealand, the guys behind BurgerFuel felt it was time to give the dirty old Burger a Kiwi makeover and start moving the world’s favourite “food vice” to the healthier side of life. If you’re after a healthy, guilt-free burger, then BurgerFuel should be your next stop.

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Elevation Burger

Elevation Burger

Fresh and flavorful because of its high quality ingredients, Elevation Burger only serves organic, grass-fed, free-range beef. It is a vision for authentic, sustainable prepared food that is better for you and better for the environment.

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Well there you have it, my favourite five burger joints in Dubai. Happy eating 🙂



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