Twenty-Four Hours with Tom Ford

Smelling good is everything. Women have become more involved when it comes to men’s fragrances and they’re not holding back in letting you know. They have preferences, recommendations and even favourites. Who knew, right?

So it’s our duty, as well groomed gentleman to deliver the good stuff. Grooming must be a necessity. Looking after everything from your scent, face, body hair, nails and even skin, has to be taken seriously. Let’s start off with scent.

Tom Ford. I could possibly stop here, but I’ll go a little more into my favourite products by the producer, designer and iconic genius.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Bold, powerful and appealing. Fact: Both men and women are infatuated with Black Orchid. It’s the one perfume everyone can recognised with a single sniff. I usually wear Black Orchid for evening occasions, including dinners, events and Thursday night drinks.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

With Noir Extreme, Tom Ford captures that exact moment when a man reaches extreme new heights: his sophistication becomes magnetic, transfixing the world at large.

Noir Extreme is more of your everyday king of fragrance. Perfect for the office, lunches and social gatherings. It’s strong, but not as strong as Black Orchid.

Tom Ford Men’s Intensive Purifying Mud Mask

Look, I’ll be honest here, I’ve never really considered facial products a necessity. But since moving to Dubai, the land of sand and humidity, I was recommended by a close friend to give Tom Ford’s Intensive Purifying Mud Mask a try. Pushing myself to get into the morning routine, I began noticing improvements within a couple of weeks. Highly recommended! (no bias)



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