UE Boom

Introducing the amazing UE Ultimate Ears Boom speaker.

The title says it all, Ultimate Ears. So I’ve been on the hunt for a decent wireless speaker for the summer for a couple months now, until I came across this bad boy. I kid you not, this thing is louder than my car speaker system. It’s just amazing. Ideal for those summer nights with friends and a couple beers while the BBQ is cooking, road trips up and down the coast, and even to replace your laptop/computer speaker. I could sit here for days and list you hundreds of places, events, and even uses the speaker has.

How does it work?

It’s simple, just turn on your UE Ultimate Ears Boom speaker, then the Bluetooth connection on either your smartphone or laptop, and pair the two up. BOOM! That simple. The speaker plays songs wirelessly up to 50ft. So basically you don’t have to drag your laptop or smartphone around with you all day. Simply connect and you’re off!

What’s so good about it?

For starters it’s enjoyably loud with the crystal clear sound and you won’t be enduring any static noises, the type you hear from a normal speaker. With 360 degree sound music being played from every angle, you won’t have to turn the speaker in your direction every time you move locations. Just place in a central location and you’re set.

Get this right, the UE Ultimate Ears Boom speaker is waterproof! Yes, you read right, waterproof. The speaker is covered in an acoustic skin which repels the water. Insane!

It has up to a HUGE 15 hour battery life to help you party on and on and on. So make sure you charge it before a big day and it’ll keep you dancing for hours on end.

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More info & where to buy?

For more information on the UE Boom Speaker, click here. Find a retailer near you, here!

Here a few photos I took earlier this week of the UE Boom speaker in action at Milk Beach in Vaucluse.






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