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Online dating is the way to go! Yes, online dating has taken a turn in recent times to become one of the most popular mediums in which singles of all ages and professions are sorting through profiles in search of a genuine match.

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If you’re a hardworking full-timer who has no time to head out to bars after an enduring day in the office, will soon become your new best friend. Realising that almost a quarter of uniformed Aussies have seen a relationship end because of these long hauling office hours, has decided to launch in Australia after tremendous traction in the UK for a solid eight years. With this, our hardworking individuals are presented with a platform that gives them a good chance at finding love.

So, have you got your sights set on a caring nurse, or a loving relationship with a female police officer? Here are some helpful tips on what to wear, how to groom and what to do/say during the date that will not make you look like a fool:

What to wear

After successfully finding a match on, you’ve done the hard part; you’ve got her number, and got her to agree to go out with you. All you have to do now is not stuff it up.

People are generally unpredictable; there’s no scientific formula for the perfect date, but here are a couple tips on how you can present yourself to leave a great first impression.

Don’t dress above your means – If you’ve saved 12 months for that Givenchy printed tee, but lived like Tom Hanks in Castaway to do so, it will become glaringly obvious to your date, if you manage to secure date two. Dress accordingly to where you’re going for dinner. Generally for a first date the ideal outfit would have to be: tweed blazer, plain white business shirt and a pair of navy chinos paired with a pair of killer tan driving shoes.

Now for some outfit inspiration. Here are a couple of my favourite outfits that I guarantee will leave a great first impression:

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Shop both of the outfits above here!

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Shop outfit here!

Groom yourself – Find your signature scent, get a clean shave, and trim your fingernails (trust me, she will notice).

Where to go

Much like not dressing above your means, don’t take her for a 15 course degustation dinner at Tetsuya’s if it means that you’ll be eating Weet-Bix for the next month to save money.

The idea is to get to know this girl, to talk to her, and, most importantly, listen to her. Take her somewhere casual, somewhere that will allow you both to converse without yelling, and without the risk of constant interruptions.

Tapas is exploding in Sydney right now, and is an ideal first date – you’re sharing a meal in more ways than one and don’t have to worry about her sneaking something from your plate.


THE Date

It’s simple; very simple: just follow these steps and we’re certain you’ll nail the date from beginning to end. Pick her up and drop her off at home, don’t be late, listen, ask questions, pay the bill and don’t do anything stupid.

If things don’t go to plan with your date, there’s always round two, and you know where to go…

How to Join

Joining is easy, just hop online and register your details. You can join for free (standard membership), which allows you to create a profile, upload a video, and use the extensive search function. Once you’ve created your profile you also have access to five free messages with your matches.

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