Unleash The Beast

For over eight weeks, I had the pleasure of cruising around Dubai in the ferocious Mercedes-AMG C 63 S thanks to the team at Mercedes-Benz Middle East team. Let’s just say a lot of self control and temptation resistance took place during this time.

If you’re interested in getting a full debrief of the car and its specs, read this article I published earlier this week.

A gorgeous aerial shot of this incredible machine. Pop open the sunroof for beautiful panoramic scenery.

One of my favourite features of the car has to be the touches of red across the side mirrors, brake discs and wheel rims. With the bullet black colour of the car, the two mesh perfectly together.

Beautiful carbon fibre detailing on the interior with a push-start button easing your experience with the car.

The Dream Team: Mercedes-AMG x IWC Portugieser Automatic. Come November, we will most likely see this incredible partnership bring home the 2016 Formula One Championship!




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