Vibrant Swimwear Prints by Vilebrequin

Vilebrequin was established in 1971 in Saint-Tropez, and the spirit of 1970s Côte d’Azur lives on in its bright colours and vibrant prints. Each pair of the top-quality shorts goes through 32 manufacturing phases and is made from a durable, fast-drying spinnaker canvas. So you know it’s quality you’re purchasing.

So when I teamed up with Vilebrequin out of Dubai, UAE, I managed to get my hands on the most striking pairs of bathing suits as well as essential ready-to-wear summer pieces. With Dubai finally producing tolerable weather, it’s time you take your beach attire to the next level.

Here are four different looks I styled as part of my most recent collaboration with Vilebrequin, with photos taken by Rosy Moments:

Look One: Gelato Anyone?




After seeing this Gelato bicycle passing by, I had to stop it and snap a few shots riding it. It set the perfect scene for the Terry Polo in Pink & Earth printed Moorea Short both by Vilebrequin.

Look Two: Octopus




My favourite pair of Vilebrequin‘s, the Octopus Moorea short paired with a Classic Linen shirt in white, also by Vilebrequin.

Look Three: Linen Turquoise




Turquoise is my favourite summer colour. If you’ve managed a great, then this colour will look amazing on you. Here I’m wearing a Vilebrequin Moorea Cut World Map Short with a linen shirt I picked up from an alley store while traveling through Turkey earlier last year.

Look Four: Battle of the Sweaters





Sweaters are an essential beachwear item in my opinion. Everyone needs something to warm them up once the sun says goodbye for the day. On the left, I’m wearing a Cashmere Knit Boat Pullover Samar sweater, and on the right I’m rocking a Striped Pullover Sweater. Both pieces are accompanied by a pair of red Linen Bermuda shorts. All three pieces are by Vilebrequin.

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