VOGUE Café Dubai

Located inside Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall, VOGUE Cafè sets the scene with prominent European vibes flourishing through the restaurant. With luxury designers like PRADA, Gucci, CHANEL, Saint Laurent and Tod’s surrounding the cafè, you’ll honestly feel as if you’re in the heart of the Champs-Èlysèes.

The VOGUE Café and coffee lounge offers a selection of international cuisines, with the menu created by Condé Nast Restaurants’ Chef, Gary Robinson.

We had the pleasure of dining at this magnificent cafè a couple of weeks out and this is how our night panned out:


Five piece sushi platter (56) – When it comes to sushi or any seafood, I’m always a little hesitate on ordering a dish at a restaurant who doesn’t specialise in the cuisine. However, after being recommended the five piece sushi platter by the chef themselves, I took his word and went for it…and God was I happy I took his word. The five piece sushi platter was absolutely amazing. Using the freshest ingredients and rolling techniques, it’s as if these guys specialise in Japanese.


Crispy calamari and prawn tempura with marinated cucumber sweet and sour dipping sauce (76) – If you’re on your cheat day and don’t mind a little deep fried seafood, then you should definitely order the tempura. Yes, it’s drowned in oil and a little fatty, but you’ll be willing to run the extra 3km on the treadmill for this dish.


Shrimp and lobster rice paper rolls with lime, soy and ginger sambal (98) – Here’s one for the health freaks who are continuously watching what they eat. The paper rolls were outstanding with so much flavour and freshness. I highly recommend out of all the entrees we ordered.


Mains – We had to order quickly as the kitchen was about to close, so we went with the first thing that caught our eye.


Grilled organic salmon, broccoli, stuffed gnocchi, cherry tomatoes (142) – You can never ever go wrong with Salmon, especially when it’s cooked to perfection. The the grilled salmon at VOGUE Cafè was the perfect portion for a main and cooked very well. Accompanied with delicious sides, I was super jealous I didn’t order it as well.


Grilled lamb chops with harissa spices, cucumber mint raita and chick peas done two ways (175) – Yes I was a little upset I didn’t order the salmon, but after glancing over the grilled lamb chops on the menu, they had to be ordered. You’ll also realise I’m a red meat fanatic and 9 out of 10 times will always order some sort of meat at any restaurant I visit. The lamb chops were cooked medium rare, again to my requirement and surprisingly went very well with the chick peas and harissa spices. Every mouth full was filled with spices and flavours that encouraged you to chew that little faster so that you could have another. By the end of it all, I wasn’t so upset anymore about not ordering the salmon.

Here are a few shots of the impeccably set out VOGUE Cafè I snapped in between meals:





Level Shoe District
The Dubai Mall
(click to view map)
+971 4 501 6810

Operational Hours:

Monday – Sunday 10:30am to 11pm

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